Space Station Survival

Welcome in your very own Space Station. You now have your very own research station to research the remote space. Expand your Space Station, research everything you can and make the best station everyone has ever seen.

Owh, watch out for space junk, meteorites etc.

Game pitch

Yes! You own a brand new Space Station. You’re completely ready to research outer space and expand you Space Station to do some more research!

You do have to be careful because all the danger in space. There is a lot of space debris, asteroids and maybe even more.

When you start, you have a basic research station. A control module, a storage module, 2 solar panels, one engine and one laser. You automatically research upgrades and newer modules. To defend yourself, you can use your laser to defend yourselves against asteroids and space debris. You need to charge your laser with the power you have.

At the start of the level, you can choose expansions and provisions. You need to survive the first level, before the next expansion arrives to the Space Station. You can get multiple expansions. Every expansion has some kind of a payload and you can only get up to a maximum per level to your Space Station.

At a certain point, you can see another Space Station. This will be the end boss.

Expansions can be:

  • Extra engine (Propulsion)
  • Tractor beam (Physics Weapon, collector)
  • Gravity beam (Physics Weapon)
  • Collection arm (Collector)
  • Missiles (Weapon)
  • Laser (Weapon)
  • Extra Research module (Module)
  • Storage module (Module)
  • Magnet (Collector)
  • Production module (Module, factory)

Provisions can be:

  • Fuel
  • Metal
  • Computers


The only feedback I got at the last session was to make the game not too big. It has a lot of potential too grow big. I'm currently building a MoSCoW list, to make sure I add all the basic elements and make sure I gradually improve the game.

I still need some more feedback from a few friends, which I will add later.

Game Mechanics Diagram

Skill Atoms

I will visualize these skill atoms better in a few days.

Rotate space station
Click on the engine
The space station will rotate
You can see the space station rotate
I need to click on the engine to rotate

Fuel usage
Popup appears after clicking the engine for the first time
Fuel will be used
The fuel bar goes down
When I use the engine, it uses fuel.

Shoot laser
Click on the laser
The laser will fire.
You see a beam that comes out of the laser.
I need to click on the laser to fire.

Reloading laser
You see a waiting bar next to the laser
The waiting bar fills up and the energy bar goes down
You see the waiting bar fill up and the energy bar goes down.
I need to wait before I can shoot again. It also costs me energy

Power Space Station
A popup appears that the power bar is filling up again
The power bar fills up if there's power surplus.
You see the current surplus and the power bar fill up.
I need solar panels to resupply my power

Expansions and provisions
You see the start of the level, choose an expansion and provisions
You can choose between a few expansions and provisions before the level starts.
Explanation that these expansions will be available at the start of the next level.
I already need to choose my expansions and provisions one level before.